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If Politics Is A Bloodsport, Then Politicon Is The Main Event

Politics junkies should head to Pasadena next month for the third annual Politicon - a gathering of the most insightful and funniest political commentators, experts and entertainers in America today. The two-day event (July 29 and 30) features panels, debates, podcasts, comedy shows, Q&A's and more with guest speakers and performers repping every shade of the political spectrum.

You won't find any other place in America where the likes of vitriolic Trump supporter Ann Coulter will rub shoulders with drawling Democrat strategist James Carville as well as celebrity podcaster Adam Carolla, former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele and 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' alum Greg Proops.

And our own Derek Riedle - founder and publisher of Civilized - will also be there to counterbalance the influence of pot prohibitionists like David Frum, The Atlantic editor and former George W. Bush speechwriter who is also a co-founder of the anti-marijuana group Project SAM

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Those are just a small sampling of the 50+ participants in the lineup for the event, which also includes 'Daily Show' writers as well as journalists Jake Tapper and Chris Cilizza of CNN, which is partnering with Politicon this year.

Guests have promised not to play nice, so fans of fierce political debates are guaranteed to see some fireworks as speakers take aim at old foes as well as people of their own political stripes while sparring over contentious issues. “I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, liberal or conservative, as long as you’re not stupid and you’re not a liar,” Adam Carolla said via press release. “I can’t wait to get to Politicon to knock some sense into these people!”

Tickets range from $50 for a one-day general pass to $300 for a two-day, VIP pass that includes special Politicon swag and an invite to the VIP party on Saturday and Sunday.

So throw on your best Republican red, Democrat blue or Libertarian yellow outfit, and head down to Pasadena next month.


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