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11 Politicians Who Have Spoken Out Against Jeff Sessions' Marijuana Decision

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his decision to rescind a policy that protected marijuana businesses from prosecution in legal states. While it’s not quite clear how Sessions’ new policy will actually affect cannabis businesses, many politicians have come out and attacked the Attorney General for his backwards stance.

Here are 11 of the most prominent politicians to speak out against Sessions.

11. Ron Paul

Unsurprisingly, the libertarian-leaning former Republican congressman was not a fan of Sessions’ decision. Paul called the War on Drugs unconstitutional, and said Sessions is violating the Constitution with this decision. He called on Trump to fire the Attorney General.

10. Gary Johnson

The former Republican governor turned libertarian presidential candidate was not a fan of Sessions’ decision, and even predicted it could cost Trump re-election.

9. Congressman Ro Khanna (Democrat, California)

In a tweet, Khanna noted that minorities would be most hurt by Sessions’ marijuana decision and reiterated that this is a major civil rights issue.

8. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (Republican, California)

The longtime proponent of protecting states’ marijuana laws, Rohrabacher noted that Sessions’ decision could hurt the cannabis industry which would actually increase demand in the black market. He called the decision “an extravagant holiday gift to the drug cartels.”

7. Congressman Ted Lieu (Democrat, California)

In a statement, Ted Lieu listed all the things more important than federal prosecutors going after marijuana businesses. It had only one entry: “Basically anything.”

6. Senator Lisa Murkowski (Republican, Alaska)

The senator from Alaska noted that she had repeatedly told Sessions not to take this action for the past year and to work with states to figure out the best path going forward. She called Sessions’ decision “regrettable.”

5. Senator Mark Warner (Democrat, Virginia)

Warner said Sessions’ decision “would seem to be the absolute opposite direction of where the country’s headed and one more example of this administration being completely out of step.”

4. Senator Kamala Harris (Democrat, California)

The Senator from California and possible 2020 presidential candidate said Sessions should “focus on issues like transnational criminal organizations” as well as human trafficking, and that he should “leave grandma’s medicinal marijuana alone.”

3. Senator Cory Booker (Democrat, New Jersey

Booker not only attacked Sessions’ decision but also used the opportunity to re-iterate why his bill to legalize marijuana was more important than ever.

2. Senator Bernie Sanders (Democrat, Vermont)

The 2016 presidential candidate (and possible 2020 candidate) spoke out against Sessions’ decision and also the Attorney General’s ridiculous views on marijuana, saying, “Marijuana is not the same as heroin.”

1. Senator Cory Gardner (Republican, Colorado)

Gardner may actually be the most impassioned person to speak out against Sessions’ decision. He’s even announced his plans to block any nominees for the Department of Justice until Sessions alters his policies.


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