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How To (Politely) Consume Marijuana In An Airbnb

The sharing economy works on a principle of respect for a communal house/car/room - whatever it is you're sharing - and even in 2016, marijuana remains a thorny and uncharted area in home-sharing etiquette. Some hosts - even those who don't use it themselves - are fine with guests getting high within reasonable limits. Others are weirded out at the thought of drugs - even marijuana - in their home or rental unit. If you know you'll be home alone, and the host hasn't specifically outlined a hardline stance, here are four tips for consuming respectfully.

1. Obey house rules

This may come as a surprise: Airbnb doesn't have a policy against marijuana use. One LearnAirbnb reader received this message from Airbnb: "Due to the changing laws in regards its usage, Airbnb has no policy against the use and or consumption of marijuana. However, any other drug is and will continue to be banned from any Airbnb listing." But while you might not be breaking Airbnb's official rules by bringing cannabis into the place you're staying, that doesn't take house rules into account. Always ask first, and use common sense: you're more likely to get a pass from that nice old hippie art teacher lady than the uber-immaculate, minimalist loft-dweller who specifies 10 environmental allergies in their host profile.

2. Vape with caution and consideration

You might think vaping is totally unobtrusive and therefore fine: people who don't consume may beg to differ. According to the Guide to Home-Sharing Etiquette. "It is also best to assume that a smoking ban applies to e-cigarettes and to remember that vaping is best done in private." If you go outside to vape, be mindful of neighbours and kids in the immediate vicinity, dispose of AVB neatly, and be more mindful than usual about volume when chatting/listening to music in shared outdoor spaces.

3. Leave no trace

You're obligated to remove any trace of lingering marijuana smoke, roaches, bits of cannabis on the table, rolling papers - literally anything that might indicate you've consumed marijuana. As the Unethicist over at GQ points out, "the fact that an Airbnb is often someone else's everyday home acts as a governor for shitty behavior. You film a porn scene in a Marriott no problem. But in an Airbnb? RUDE. You can only get away with stuff if A) No one sees you and B) You leave everything the way you found it." If you don't adhere to this rule, you risk the humiliation of being called out for sneaking around like a rebellious teen.

4. Check out cannabis-friendly listings

If all this sounds like a hassle, good news: there are plenty of explicitly 420-friendly listings on Airbnb already, especially in legal states (obviously). And if you want even less guesswork, there are entire sites geared toward short-term rentals for cannabis consumers. "We're essentially the Airbnb of cannabis," Sean Roby, founder and CEO of Bud and Breakfast, tells Fast Company. "People list their homes on our sites from places where cannabis is legalized, both in the U.S. and also overseas in places like Jamaica and Uruguay."


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