Police Seize Tray of Brownies During Drug Raid

When police conduct a drug raid, they'll generally seize anything relevant to their case, including money or weapons or other nefarious items. But at a recent raid in North Carolina, the cops also grabbed some sweets on their way out.

Police officers in Lee County North Carolina recently conducted a raid against a man named Michael Alan Cheeseman, which is a great last name by the way. During the raid, the officers found several marijuana plants and other illegal marijuana. But strangely enough the officers also confiscated a fresh tray of pot brownies that Cheeseman had made right before the raid.

The officers said Cheeseman (seriously, that can't be this guy's name!) was converting his marijuana into oil and butter that he would then use for cooking purposes. And since technically the brownies contained illegal marijuana, it was evidence that they needed to take with them.

But you have to wonder how the cops even knew the brownies contained marijuana. When they went into the kitchen, did Cheeseman say, "Hey don't touch my pot brownies, I mean, my regular, totally not illegal brownies!" Or did one of the officers decide he deserved a little snack during the raid and ended up feeling a little funny?

Either way, there's no way those brownies are going to still look good to eat by the time Cheeseman's trial starts.

(h/t Fox 8)


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