Police Raid Migos' Tour Bus For Marijuana In North Carolina

Hip-hop sensation Migos had a run-in with police last night as they were leaving a performance in Boone, North Carolina. NBC affiliate WCNC reports that officers pulled their tour bus over when they noticed the smell marijuana emanating from the vehicle.

The incident isn't likely to surprise fans given the rap trio's love of marijuana. The group recently puffed blunts on the cover of Rolling Stone. But none of Migos' three performers - Quavo, Offset or Takeoff - were charged during the incident.

Three other men on the bus at the time were charged through, with one of them being taken into custody on charges of marijuana possession and intent to sell. The other two men receiving citations for possessionone for simple possession of marijuana and codeine, and the other for misdemeanor possession of Xanax.

The action by police are not surprise as cannabis continues to be a banned substance in North Carolina.


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