Ohio Police Officers Say They Wish They Didn't Have to Give NFL Player Marijuana Ticket

Cleveland Browns rookie wide receiver Antonio Callaway was pulled over Sunday night by police officers in Ohio. During the traffic stop, officers smelled marijuana and ended up searching his car and found a small amount of cannabis. The officers then had to give the rookie a ticket, but it sounds like they really didn't want to.

TMZ acquired the dashcam video from Callaway's traffic stop. In the video the officers are heard reassuring Callaway that the fine for marijuana is "less than a speeding ticket" and that the incident is "no big deal." In fact the officers even say they feel bad about giving Callaway the ticket because he didn't seem to be intoxicated or impaired and he was treating the officers politely. One of the officers even says they're excited to see him play this upcoming season because he's "fast as sh*t."

So basically the cops didn't want to give Callaway a ticket, but had to because of stupid Ohio laws.

It's unclear if (or more likely how) Callaway will be punished by the NFL for the incident. But considering even the police officers themselves are admitting its no big deal, you'd hope they would go easy on him.

(h/t TMZ)


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