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The 'Plug-And-Plant' Cannabis Grower You Control With Your Phone

The world’s first “plug-and-plant” cannabis grow chamber essentially got its start because founder Yoni Ofir wanted to take his girlfriend on a weekend getaway – and realized he couldn’t step away from his precious plants for that long.

“I’ve been using cannabis to help treat anxiety ever since I finished my military service in 2010, and during that time, I grew my own supply because it was a lot of fun, it saved me a ton of money, and I knew I was getting the best quality product,” Ofir told Civilized over the phone from his home in Israel.

LEAF CEO Yoni Ofir

LEAF CEO, Yoni Ofir

“I came to realize it was way too time-consuming, and [eventually] stopped growing because it was taking too long. I had to monitor the plants every day, and I couldn’t take my girlfriend on a weekend away or else the plants would die if I didn’t have someone to take care of them for me.”

Just like that, the idea for Leaf was conceived.  

The automatic grow chamber resembles a sleek mini fridge to the untrained eye – and fits like one, too. Simply plug it in beside a desk or in the back of your closet, plant your seeds (or your clones) and let Leaf do the rest of the work.

LEAF nutrients

The Leaf system, which comes equipped with LED grow lights, continuously monitors and adjusts the pH level, water/air temperatures and nutrients to optimize the plant’s size, weight and potency. It can host one large plant at a time, from which growers can expect to yield four to five ounces of cannabis every three to four months.

The best part? You can take that weekend getaway with your favorite gal – worry-free. Leaf synchs with an app on your phone so you can monitor your baby’s environmental data in real-time, even allowing you to sneak a peek at all hours of the day via a built-in HD camera.


The whole system, according to Ofir, was designed to simplify the growing process from start to finish, enabling pretty much anyone to become a cannabis grower.  

“There’s a lot of misinformation all over the Internet when it comes to how to grow cannabis… it’s very confusing if you’ve never done it and the whole process is very DIY,” said Ofir.

“We wanted to solve that problem… to bring way more people into the home grow market who otherwise would never enter because it’s so difficult to understand.”

Ofir added that even if you’re an experienced grower, the device’s timesaving properties make it a worthy investment.  

“Some people have patience for the kinds of things like [growing cannabis] and they love it. Most people don’t,” said Ofir.

“It’s a lot of work just to grow your own personal stash, and [a lot of experienced growers] would rather have something that’s semi-automated and fully remote controlled and also has this wonderful novelty and coolness factor to it.”

Whatever your background or intentions with Leaf, Ofir said it’s all about giving cannabis consumers the option to produce their own supply in a way that doesn’t interfere with their daily lives.

“If people want access to medicine that they’ve grown on their own, that they know is absolutely pesticide-free and contains no harmful chemicals, that is the strain that works for them time and time again, giving them that access is what we want do,” said Ofir.

Following lengthy development and beta testing phases, Leaf is now available for pre-order online.


A refundable deposit of $300 on the $2,990 device is required when placing your order for the unit, which is set to start shipping next September.


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