Don’t Smoke Weed Around Roger Daltrey While He’s Trying To Sing

Just because it’s fun to smoke a joint while listening to ‘Who’s Next’ or ‘Tommy’, doesn’t mean you should smoke one when you see The Who in concert.

That was the hard lesson learned by a group of fans in the front row of The Who’s Madison Square Garden concert on Monday night.

In the video below, you can hear lead singer Roger Daltrey chew out a group of weed-smokers in no uncertain terms. Headphones up, the language is a bit salty:

If you can’t play it, Daltrey says: “I’ve got to tell you, all the ones smoking grass down the front here, I’m totally allergic to it. I’m not kidding. Whoever it is down there, you fucked my night. I’m allergic to that shit and my voice just sucks up, so fuck you!”

It’s not the first time Daltrey has had to tell off smoky fans. According to a Newsday report from a May 2015 show, a similar incident happened:

The smoke's impact was almost immediate on his voice, which went from crystal clear and potent for the opening "I Can't Explain" to something rougher and more limited during "I Can See for Miles." "My voice is shutting down," he said, apologizing. A few songs later, though, Daltrey had seemingly recovered. 

It can be easy to forget that marijuana flower produces pollen just like many other non-smokeable plants, and it can trigger allergic reactions. So if you’re planning on seeing The Who this summer, be kind and bring along some edibles or a vaporizer, so Daltrey can hit his iconic scream in ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ without any trouble.

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