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Pita Pit Teams Up With WeedMD To Launch Retail Cannabis Franchise In Canada

Last Friday, the Canadian cannabis producer WeedMD and fast-food chain Pita Pit Canada announced their plans to launch a joint venture directed at the burgeoning cannabis retail space. They will be teaming up on a dispensary franchise chain called Pioneer Cannabis Co.

"Our objective is to be a competitive player in this marketplace as it grows," Pioneer's chief executive officer Jordan Schwartz told BNN Bloomberg.

Schwartz says the new company will benefit from Pita Pit's 30 years of experience in retail and franchising, as well as WeedMD's knowledge of the cannabis sector.

"We've spent years learning and perfecting the skills we have in our businesses such as finding locations and hiring people," said Pita Pit CEO Chris Fountain. "Quite frankly, it's probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for something like this."

Pita Pit isn't the first fast-food chain to expand in to the Canadian cannabis market. Previously, the café chain Second Cup hoped to convert some of their West Coast locations into pot shops at some point in the near future. However, Fountain says his team will not be taking that approach and none of the 220+ Pita Pit locations across Canada are going to be converted. Instead, Pioneer Cannabis Co. will be looking to open standalone storefronts in Alberta, British Colombia, Manitoba and Ontario.

So while you won't be able to by any marijuana infused cookies with your wrap, the head honchos at Pita Pit won't be upset if you head in for some chicken shawarma after you smoke your Pioneer-supplied weed.


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