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'You Need Someone Who Will Tell You When You're Being an Idiot,' Piers Morgan Tells Trump in Bizarre Application for Chief of Staff

Journalist Piers Morgan has officially thrown his hat into the ring for the position of President Trump's next chief of staff. And since nobody seems to want that job, Morgan - who hit it off with Trump after winning 'The Celebrity Apprentice' in 2008 - might just get the job despite trashing his previous boss in his job application.

"You need someone who will look you in the eye and tell you when you’re being an idiot," Morgan told Trump in an open letter published by the Daily Mail. "Seriously. Because sometimes you do dumb things like separating children from their parents at borders, or blaming forestry managers as people are dying in wildfires, and you need someone with the balls to tell you that. I’d have the balls, because I know it’s a myth you can’t handle the truth. I’ve written numerous columns attacking you and I’m still one of only 35 human beings you follow me [sic] on Twitter! I just always criticise you with respect, not abuse."

Morgan also pledged to rein in Trump's reckless Twitter habits. 

"You shouldn’t send a single tweet without discussing it first with your Chief of Staff," he chided. "I know, I know, you love Twitter and the unrestricted freedom to spew whatever’s going through your head at any given time. It’s made you the most transparent president in history - we literally know exactly what you’re thinking in real time. But too often you become your own worst enemy by seeming to not even take a beat before pressing SEND, and posting something inaccurate, needlessly inflammatory or pointlessly petty. Trust me, I know about this syndrome - I suffer from it myself. But I also love Twitter, love the way you use it, and can be the perfect protective security shield for you. Bounce your tweets off me first, and I’ll tell you which ones are likely to end up being a net negative or a net positive. And which ones I thoroughly approve of for the appropriate mischief they will cause."

In terms of qualifications, Morgan regurgitated the praise he received from Trump after his 'Celebrity Apprentice' victory.

"'Piers, you’re a vicious guy,'" Morgan recalled Trump saying. "'You’re tough. You’re smart. You’re probably brilliant, I’m not sure. You’re certainly not diplomatic. But you did an amazing job and you beat the hell out of everybody - you’re my Celebrity Apprentice.'"

With qualifications like those, there's no doubt that Morgan will fit in very well with the other allegedly smart people in the West Wing.  

Check out the full letter in the Tweet below.


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