On Canada Day, Let Legendary Canadian Pierre Berton Teach You How To Roll A Joint

American readers might not recognize the name, but Pierre Berton is as Canadian as a beaver in head-to-toe denim. He wrote more than fifty books on Canada's history and culture, made countless media appearances, and was named as a companion to the Order of Canada.

And he really liked to smoke weed.

According to Brian Mckillop’s 'Pierre Berton: A Biography', he “readily admitted” to reporters that he had smoked marijuana since his forties, and was a critic of Canada’s drug laws.

In one of his last appearances before his death in November 2004, Berton appeared in a segment on the satirical news show ‘Monday Report’ (later the ‘Rick Mercer Report’) to impart some of his joint-rolling knowledge. Check it out below.

Note: The video is a little shaky at the beginning, as it’s from well before the heyday of streaming video. Fear not - it evens out once the actual rolling begins.

“Remember Canada, it’s the loose joints that tend to fall apart." Wise words, indeed. 


I remember seeing Pineapple Express in theaters right when it was released. I was 17 at the time, and my friend Dan and I took some edibles an hour before the screening. Midway through, they hit, and I could not stop laughing.

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