'Physics Girl' Has Mindblowing Experiments Your Kids (And You) Can Do At Home

With summer vacation almost over, you're probably running out of ideas to keep the kids busy before they head back to school. Luckily, Physics Girl - a PBS-produced educational series on YouTube - can teach you some incredible science experiments you can to at home to keep them out of trouble. Here are a few stunning samples from the channel's episodes.

1. Anti-bubbles 

Ever wonder what you should call those beads of milk that sometimes skip across your cereal bowl? They're called anti-bubbles. Here's why. Regular bubbles are gases enclosed in liquid. Anti-bubbles are liquids enclosed in thin layers of gas. And you can turn them into a mesmerizing experiment with the kids by using a bowl of milk and some food coloring. Or you could also play around with anti-bubbles by having a puff in the man cave after putting the kids to bed.

2. Make clouds in your mouth

If you've ever dreamed of being a dragon, now's your chance to live it out - somewhat. The video below will teach you how to make a cloud in your mouth, which you can slowly exhale like dragon smoke - allegedly. After trying the experiment twice, I exhaled nothing but air and a deflated sense of self-esteem. Don't try this around other people unless you want them to ask why you're chewing invisible gum.

3. Sand art

This one requires a few more tools than the other experiments. But the results are worth it if you can assemble all the gear. By playing vibrations through a metal plate with a sprinkling of sand on top, the grains will leap into stunning patterns. So instead of making sand castles, you can make geometric art.


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