With summer vacation almost over, you're probably running out of ideas to keep the kids busy before they head back to school. Luckily, Physics Girl - a PBS-produced educational series on YouTube - can teach you some incredible science experiments you can to at home to keep them out of trouble. Here are a few stunning samples from the channel's episodes.

1. Anti-bubbles 

Ever wonder what you should call those beads of milk that sometimes skip across your cereal bowl? They're called anti-bubbles. Here's why. Regular bubbles are gases enclosed in liquid. Anti-bubbles are liquids enclosed in thin layers of gas. And you can turn them into a mesmerizing experiment with the kids by using a bowl of milk and some food coloring. Or you could also play around with anti-bubbles by having a puff in the man cave after putting the kids to bed.

2. Make clouds in your mouth

If you've ever dreamed of being a dragon, now's your chance to live it out - somewhat. The video below will teach you how to make a cloud in your mouth, which you can slowly exhale like dragon smoke - allegedly. After trying the experiment twice, I exhaled nothing but air and a deflated sense of self-esteem. Don't try this around other people unless you want them to ask why you're chewing invisible gum.

3. Sand art

This one requires a few more tools than the other experiments. But the results are worth it if you can assemble all the gear. By playing vibrations through a metal plate with a sprinkling of sand on top, the grains will leap into stunning patterns. So instead of making sand castles, you can make geometric art.