Photographer Dotan Saguy Captures Venice California's Endangered Culture

Dotan Saguy had a successful career as a high-tech entrepreneur, until 2015 when he decided to focus on his lifelong passion for photography, which led him to the prestigious Eddie Adams Workshop, the Missouri Photo Workshop, and Santa Monica College where he studied photojournalism. Saguy's award-winning photographs have since been featured in National Geographic, PHOTO Magazine, ABC News, and many other publications.

Most recently, Saguy published his first monograph about the endangered culture of Venice Beach, California, which sees over 10 million tourists visit the boardwalk each year. Very few of these visitors get to see Venice from the inside, where they experience the immense cultural treasure that is at risk of disappearing. Saguy felt a responsibility and urgency to create a visual account of Venice culture, as the boardwalk's days may be counted. Over a period of three years, Saguy spent hours on the beach, where he captured raw, candid moments that are now featured in his book.


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