Phoenix Cops Made Teenager Eat One Gram of Marijuana During Traffic Stop

Police officers have always responded far too harshly towards marijuana offenses than necessary. But a recent act by Phoenix, Arizona cops took things way too far.

Last September, 19-year-old Edgar Castro was pulled over by two police officers for speeding in Arizona, and a third officer would later come as backup. The officers found marijuana in Castro's car, which he claimed was legal with his medical marijuana card. Unfortunately, he was unable to produce the card at the time. 

One of the officers told Castro he would either need to eat the gram of marijuana or go to jail. He asked another officer if he was serious, and he said yes. So Castro ended up eating a gram of marijuana.

Two of the officers involved in the case are at risk of losing their law-enforcement certifications as part of the case. The third officer in the case already voluntarily gave his up a few months after the incident. All three police officers quit the force after the incident became public. Castro has also filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the city of Phoenix as a result of that incident.

Perhaps most disturbing about this story is that all three officers were equipped with body cameras on the day of the incident, but they had all deactivated their cameras and did not record the traffic stop. What's the point of body cameras if cops can just shut them off and do whatever they want anyways?


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