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Philadelphia Flyers Founder Ed Snider Leaves A Legacy In The Marijuana Industry

NHL arenas are dark today because Ed Snider - founder and co-owner of the Philadelphia Flyers - died of bowel cancer at age 83. Snider's death is a huge loss to the world of hockey, but his legacy will live on in the cannabis industry thanks to his daughter, Lindy Snider.

In February 2015, Lindy made news by investing $2-million in Kind Financial. The Los Angeles firm says it, "provides seed-to-sale software and financial technology" to legal cannabis industries, which can't conduct business with financial institutions like other corporations because of the federal marijuana prohibition.

Lindy Snider says she picked up her business savvy from her late father, who taught her to appreciate personal freedom and embrace libertarian values. When announcing her involvement with Kind, Lindy recalled that when she came home from her freshman year of college with newfound socialist beliefs, her father "made me read Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged - before he would talk to me."

But entering the marijuana industry was about family as well as business for Lindy Snider. She came to recognize marijuana's medical value after her mother - Ed's ex-wife Myrna - struggled with cancer.

Marijuana helped ease her mother's pain

"It was in her bones," Lindy told Joseph N. DiFStefano of "The pain was extraordinary. But the medicines [the doctors] had studied, opioids, didn't touch my mom's pain, didn't help her appetite, didn't help her sleep. [So] I secured a cannabis product for her to try. It was one of the few times in eight months she slept through the night."

Myrna died in 2014, but Lindy has continued helping other patients access medical marijuana through her investments. Aside from backing Kind, Lindy has invested in Greenhouse Ventures - a business accelerator for the cannabis industry - and other marijuana startups.

Lindy has seen the benefits of medicinal marijuana firsthand, but she also supports legalized recreational marijuana use as well. "Nobody wants to see kids running around having total access to this," she said. "But wouldn't you rather have it regulated?"

In addition to his daughter's work, Snider's legacy lives on through the Philadelphia Flyers, who will hopefully honor their late founder with a memorable Cup run this spring. Here's a tribute video released by the Flyers' official website.

h/t Philly Mag


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