Pharmaceutical Company To Roseanne: No, Ambien Doesn’t Cause Racism.

Despite assuring people that she was leaving Twitter, Roseanne Barr is still at it.

Just in case you were offline yesterday, here’s a recap: After Roseanne tweeted a series of bizarre and racist statements, ABC Networks cancelled the revival of her eponymous sitcom.

In the aftermath of the cancellation, Roseanne took to Twitter (again) to explain that her actions were the result of "Ambien tweeting". That tweet has since been deleted, but the post was saved and can be viewed in this Vox article.

There's no shortage of weird, unsettling stories about Ambien experiences (here’s a roundup), but causing racism? Medical professionals

But the sickest burn of all came from Ambien’s maker, Sanofi:

Oof. Anyway, 'Roseanne' is still cancelled. And if you need something to help you sleep - we've got an idea.

Banner Image: Astrid Stawiarz and Tim Boyle / Getty Images


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