Pharmaceutical Company Raises Price on Opioid Overdose Antidote by 600 Percent

Pharmaceutical companies are often criticized for pushing out dangerous opioids to customers. And now they're trying to screw people who are trying not to die from using those opioids as well.

Pharmaceutical company Kaléo is in hot water after a Senate subcommittee produced a report criticizing them for raising the price of their opioid overdose drug, EVZIO, by more than 600 percent. The drug went from costing $575 to $4,100.

"The fact that one company dramatically raised the price of its naloxone drug and cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in increased drug costs, all during a national opioid crisis, is simply outrageous," Ohio Senator Rob Portman said.

EVZIO is a naloxone drug, meaning it can reverse the effects of opioid use particularly in situations where someone overdoses. Many health experts have called on wide distribution of naloxone to help prevent opioid deaths.

Kaléo is also exploiting insurance companies to help cover the drug, as they've "encouraged" doctors to describe EVZIO as "medically necessary." The increased price of EVZIO has cost taxpayers over $142 million from Medicaid and Medicare programs.

"Kaléo’s more than 600 percent price increase of EVZIO not only exploits a country in the middle of an opioid crisis, but also American taxpayers who fund government-run health care programs designed to be a safety net for our country’s elderly and most vulnerable," the Senate subcommittee report said.

So what once again, Big Pharma is exposed for putting profits over patients' lives.

(h/t USA Today)


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