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How Pets Could Be the Key to Marijuana Legalization

When people make arguments about marijuana legalization, it usually revolves around incarceration rates or possible uses for tax revenue. But there may be a new argument that will finally work with the general public, and it involves cats and dogs.

Pets are the new frontline in the battle for marijuana legalization. The interest in pets using cannabis products has grown in recent years as studies and anecdotal evidence show that CBD can have the same health benefits for cats, dogs and other animals as it does for humans. And it could be the greater interest in helping pets will change people's minds about marijuana as well.

The pet medication industry is projected to be worth $44 billion by 2022. If anything, some people seem more willing to dump tons of money into protecting their pets' health than their own. And the cannabis industry is realizing this trend. More and more companies are being created that specifically create cannabis-products designed for animal consumption.

If cannabis becomes a major trend in pet health, that would be good news for marijuana legalization advocates. If people realize how much CBD can help their cats or dogs, they'll be less likely to see marijuana as some evil drug that will ruin lives. The hope is that increasing cannabis use for pets will help destroy the stigma surrounding marijuana.

Of course some veterinarians are still hesitant to prescribe or recommend cannabis-related products for pets, but there are several studies currently being conducted that hope to illustrate the benefits of those products. So it's possible the veterinary world will have a major change in favor of marijuana in the next few years.

I guess that means dispensaries will need to start becoming more pet friendly.

(h/t Forbes)


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