The 4 Times Peter Mayhew Played Someone Other Than Chewbacca On The Big Screen

British actor Peter Mayhew will always best be known for playing Han Solo's hairy sidekick Chewbacca in the Star Wars saga, but he's also had a few non-Wookie roles in his lifetime. To celebrate his 73rd birthday today, here are the 4 times Peter Mayhew played someone other than Chewbacca on the big screen.

1. 'Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger'

Before 'Rocky III' made the phrase 'eye of the tiger' synonymous with the band Survivor. And before comedian Sinbad ruined the name Sinbad for everyone, there was the movie 'Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger', which featured a young Mayhew in an uncredited role as the Minoton - a bronze minotaur that looked like the love child of C-3PO and a Himalayan yak. 

Mayhew played the Minoton whenever it wasn't being filmed with stop-motion animation, much like in the 1981 'Clash of the Titans'. But Laurence Oliver and Maggie Smith weren't on hand to save 'Sinbad' from getting panned by critics. Instead, you got Patrick Wayne (son of John Wayne), Taryn Power (daughter of Tyrone Power) and Jane Seymour looking like a member of a TLC tribute group thanks to this hairdo

2. 'Terror' (1978)

Mayhew's big-screen followup to 'Star Wars: A New Hope' was a bit part in the schlocky horror flick 'Terror' (1978), which tells the story of a bloodline that has been cursed by a witch.

Mayhew played the Mechanic, who seems to make a brief appearance as a tall menacing figure in the film's trailer, which horrifies audiences by reading definitions of the word 'terror' in a sinister voice. Because nothing strikes fear in audiences quite like sifting through the unholy bowels of the dictionary.

3. 'Comic Book: The Movie' (2004)

Mayhew reunited with Mark Hamill in 'Comic Book: The Movie' - a mockumentary directed by and starring Hamill as a comic fan trying to put together a big-screen adaptation the fictional superhero series 'Commander Courage.' 

Along the way, he gets feedback from a flurry of celebrity cameos - including Kevin Smith, Hugh Hefner (a.k.a. Pajama Man), Bruce Campbell and Mayhew - who all played themselves. 

4. 'Yesterday Was a Lie' (2008)

In the neo-noir movie 'Yesterday Was a Lie', Peter Mayhew played the mysterious stalker known as Dead Man. But the only mystery that critics wanted to solve was how to sneak out of the theater.

"The film seems like an atmospheric shampoo commercial in which glamorous models pose in gritty back alleys with fog machines going full force," wrote Kevin Thomas of The Los Angeles Times.



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