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Pepsi Has Big Plans For Its Signature Soft Drink: Tackle Obesity And Climate Change By 2025

Within the next decade, you’ll be slurping back significantly less sugar in your can of Pepsi. In efforts to tackle global crises from obesity to climate change, PepsiCo Inc has set a target for cutting back on the amount of sugar in its soft drinks worldwide. 

The New York-based company has announced that by 2025, at least two thirds of its drinks will have 100 calories or fewer from added sugar per 12 oz serving, up from roughly 40 per cent now.

The move comes as companies like PepsiCo and rival Coca-Cola draw increasing pressure from health experts and government officials, who say soft drink companies are helping to fuel the world’s obesity and diabetes epidemics.

PepsiCo has said it plans to achieve its new goal by introducing more zero- and low-calorie drinks, as well as reformulating existing drinks. The company says this new global target is more ambitious than its former goal of reducing sugar by 25 percent in certain drinks in certain markets by 2020.

"The science has evolved," Mehmood Khan, PepsiCo's chief scientific officer of research and development, told Reuters. "It's not just about sweeteners, it's about understanding the flavor ingredients and having proprietary knowledge and access to them."

Earlier this month, the World Health Organization recommended that governments impose higher taxes on sugary drinks to reduce consumption and improve health.

PepsiCo’s other targets include a 15 percent improvement in the water efficiency of its direct agricultural supply chain in water-stressed areas by 2025 and a 20 percent decrease in greenhouse gas emissions across its supply chain by 2030.

h/t Reuters, Fortune 

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