Study Finds People Show More Affection to Dogs Than Other Humans

Last week was Valentine's Day, and while many people spent it with their significant other, some just spent it with their pets. But apparently most people would rather be spending it with their dog anyways.

A survey of 1,450 American adults found people are more affectionate with their dogs than other humans. According to the survey, 67 percent of dog owners say they've gazed lovingly into their pet's eyes, which is 33 percent more than they have with an actual other person. About 24 percent of dog owners say they take more pictures of their dog than with other humans, another 25 percent spend more money on their dogs than on their human partners, and almost half of them say they spend more time cuddling their dog than their human partner.

In fact, dog owners say their pet is also an important factor in who they choose for their romantic relationships. 41 percent said it's important their dog get along with potential romantic partners, 53 percent said they would breakup with someone if they didn't like dogs or were severely allergic to them. And one in three dog owners said they regularly bring their dog along when they go on dates.

So maybe we should be ditching the idea of the crazy cat owner for the obsessed dog owner instead.

(h/t Mental Floss)


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