Pennsylvania On Track To Have Medical Marijuana In 2018

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana market officially got its footing this week after a grower 100 miles north of Pittsburgh was approved by the state’s Department of Health.

Cresco Yeltrah LLC is the first company in Pennsylvania to be given the green light for cannabis cultivation by state officials.  

"Every day we hear from patients who are desperately waiting for medical marijuana to help alleviate the symptoms of their serious medical conditions," Gov. Tom Wolf said in a statement. "My message to them today is that Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program is moving forward and we will have medication to them sometime in 2018.

"Cresco Yeltrah will now be able to grow medical marijuana, making sure that patients will not have to wait much longer."

Cresco Yeltrah LLC was one of 12 grower/processors to receive a permit from the state back in June. The company can now officially accept seeds and plant clones following a series of state health inspections on the Brookville facility. It’s estimated that the company’s products could make their way onto dispensary shelves by January.

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program was signed into law in April of 2016. Residents suffering from one of 17 conditions including cancer, chronic pain and PTSD can be recommended for the program.

Cresco Yeltrah plans to open dispensaries in Butler and Pittsburgh.

h/t Philadelphia Media Network


Citing supply shortages, Ontario announced Thursday that they would now be taking a “phased approach” to issuing cannabis retail licenses. Despite earlier claims that they would not be capping the number of licenses for retail pot shops, they announced Thursday that they would, in fact, be limiting the number of licenses dispensed in April to 25. The province says that the licenses will be issued though a lottery system overseen by a third party to “ensure equality and transparency.” This, of course, is following the Progressive Conservative’s stark change in cannabis policy for the province after defeating the Ontario Liberal government in 2018.