Pennsylvania Governor Says It's Time to Consider Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

As states that legalized recreational marijuana continue to not descend into total chaos, other states are realizing that legalizing cannabis is probably a good idea. And it appears Pennsylvania is latest state to realize this.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf wrote on Twitter that he believes it's time to take a serious and honest look at recreational marijuana legalization. Wolf noted the success of other states who did so, and how Pennsylvania needs to learn from those efforts.

Wolf has been a strong supporter of Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program, and was one of many governors who spoke out against former Attorney General Jeff Sessions' marijuana policies. However, despite these views, Wolf continued to stay he wasn't sure about legalizing recreational marijuana. So this tweet would be the first time that the governor has endorsed legalizing recreational marijuana (or at least heading in that direction).

It probably helps that Pennsylvania's big neighbor New York is considering legalizing recreational marijuana in the near future, as well as their smaller neighbor New Jersey. Competition with neighboring states does seem to be a big motivation for legalizing marijuana right now.

We're interested to see how Wolf will follow-up this tweet.

(h/t The Inquirer)


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