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Pedialyte Is Now Making an Official Hangover Cure

For millennia, humans have attempted to figure out how to cure hangovers. And while many various solutions have been offered, we've never figured out a universal cure. But Pedialyte may have the answer.

Pedialyte is introducing a new product that many are saying could be a cure for hangovers. The product is called the Pedialyte Sparkling Rush, which is a single serve powder version of Pedialyte that you can put into water and turn it into sparkling water.

Now, the FDA prevents companies from claiming products are hangover cures. But Pedialyte is definitely hinting that hangovers are the reason to use this product. They note that the product is "just in time for the holidays," a time known for alcohol consumption, and is perfect for rehydrating after "late nights out with friends."

Apparently Pedialyte is already a common solution many people use as a hangover cure. While the product is meant for children and babies, it's basically just electrolytes to help people say hydrated. In addition to hangover cures, some athletes also use Pedialyte as an alternative to sports drinks since it has less sugar.

Pedialyte is very aware that its products are being used by adults. Adults using Pedialyte increased by 57 percent from 2012 to 2015, and now supposedly one-third of their sales are strictly for adult use.

So don't be surprised if your friends start busting out the Pedialyte at the bar the next time you go out.

(h/t Munchies)


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