Pearl Jam Sets Fire To The White House In New Poster

Like so much other 90’s ephemera, the presidency of Donald Trump has made it possible for grunge rock band Pearl Jam to make some high-profile headlines once again.

Unlike lead singer Eddie Vedder’s typically incoherent vocal delivery, the band sent a pretty clear political message Tuesday when they shared their latest gig poster, featuring the White House engulfed in flames behind the towering initials of the group.

The poster, which was commissioned from artists Jeff Ament and Bobby Draws Skullz, also depicts aliens, a crumbling Washington Monument and Donald Trump’s rotting corpse being devoured by a bald eagle, of course.

The band uploaded the polarizing image to Instagram Tuesday night, and, as you can imagine, the post’s comment section has been delightfully cogent and civil.

"Fuck you and your sorry ass music," wrote one enlightened commenter. "This is more of a PearlScam," added another.

The post was added to advertise the band’s upcoming August 13th show, which is set to be performed at the Washington-Grizzly Stadium in Montana, and not, as the poster appears to suggest, on the charred remains of the White House.

Check it out below:


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