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PAX Debuts Two Sleek New Vaporizing Products

September 22, 2016 may very well go down as something of an early Christmas for vaping enthusiasts.

Premium vaporizer company PAX Labs Inc. has just released two brand new products: the PAX Era (billed as the “first high-quality, easy-to-use, temperature-controlled portable oil vaporizer”, and the PAX 3 (the latest version of the company’s award-winning premium vaporizer). The two products were released in conjunction with the PAX Vapor app, aimed at providing compatible devices with “smart, customizable” vaping experiences.

“I think you’re seeing two things happening in parallel: a market leader continuing to innovate and a market leader continuing to grow,” PAX Labs CEO Tyler Goldman told Civilized. “The results of those two things are some really interesting products for consumers and just better consumer choices and experiences.”

The PAX Era, which Goldman said has already garnered the most buzz out of all of today’s big announcements, was designed in an effort to improve upon the “significantly limited [quality] of oil experiences available to consumers.” The device – which is Bluetooth enabled and compatible solely with the Era Pods (sold separately) – is described as the “sleekest, most technologically advanced vaporizer for herbal extracts.” It retails for $59.99 and will be available for purchase September 29 on


“Most of the feedback we’re getting is around the PAX Era, because that’s a category that really has been devoid of great experiences… it’s been held back by the existing experience, which is generally a disposable battery with a really difficult-to-use cartridge; really intended for e-cigarettes,” said Goldman.

“To have the first dedicated product geared towards oils and herbal oils is a game changer. I would expect the PAX Era will… grow the whole category.”

According to the company press release, PAX 3 represents a “milestone evolution of the company’s category-defining flagship product.


”The dual-use vaporizer for loose-leaf and concentrate materials offers a full sized oven, a half-pack oven and a new concentrate oven. Its heating system provides double the power of the PAX 2, “delivering a smooth, consistent vapour in as little as 15 seconds.”

PAX 3 retails for $274.99 and will be live on mid next month.

Both products are compatible with the PAX Vapor app, which enables consumers to further customize their devices via temperature settings, vapour production and LED brightness. 


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