Product Review: The Pax Vapor 3 Is Smart, Sleek and Convenient

Pax is quickly making a name for itself in the vaporizer market as the Apple of vapes. Its fantastic design, both discrete and ergonomically pleasing, is one of the first true products designed specifically for the top of the market. This is not equipment for the constant user or somebody who insists solely on flower (pick up the Pax 2 for flower), but rather the discerning toker who wants a little relaxation and recreation before dinner and the ability to choose between extracts and dried herbs. It's bluetooth enabled, which allows you to control the heat and choose between more CBD vs THC, based on heat level with over 60+ to get that perfect hit. And it even has an app. The Pax 3 is all I use with high-potency concentrates that require very little consumption to feel the effect. Not to be overly effusive, but this is a pen Steve Jobs would’ve used when brainstorming the next world changing device.

The vape comes with a ten year warranty, which is ridiculous as Moore’s Law speculates there will be some incredible machine invented in the next two months, but that’s a whole other story. The full kit costs $249, which comes with a bunch of fun extras, but don't feel too bad if you would rather spring for the $199 version. It's kind of like getting a Porsche but opting out of the black leather trim on the seats, but at the end of the day, you're still driving a Porsche.

Complete Pax 3 Kit: $249.99

Pax 3 Device Only: $199.99



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