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Sales Of Bloom Farms Products Benefit Thousands Of Hungry Children In California

For every product Bloom Farms sells, the San Francisco-based medical cannabis company provides a healthy meal to a California food bank. Since launching this program in December of last year, that’s translated to about 25,000 meals.

Through a new partnership with vaporizer pioneers PAX Labs Inc., that number is (hopefully) set to skyrocket.

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It was announced last week that Bloom Farms would be providing all the cannabis oil for the newly released PAX Era extract pods in California. For PAX patrons, it’s a union that will mean three distinct all-natural blends from Bloom Farms: Sativa Daytime, Indica Nighttime and Hybrid Anytime. For the one in four children in California who go to bed hungry every night, it could mean a full belly.

“We’re pretty excited by the situation with PAX because they are the clear leaders in the hardware space and it matches up really well as we are the definitely one of the leading forces in the cannabis oil space,” Bloom Farms executive director Michael Ray told Civilized.

“For us to partner with [PAX] only allows us to achieve our goal faster and more widespread.”

That goal is one million meals for California food banks, and it’s one that Bloom Farms has gradually been working toward with every sale of their signature vape pen, the Highlighter. With the PAX partnership – and the probability that California will vote yes on adult cannabis use this November – Ray is feeling confident about reaching that goal.

Bloom Farms wants to change perceptions of cannabis consumers

Bloom Farms Photo Michael Ray Executive Director In Office Photo Credit Evan Thompson2

Photo credit: Evan Thompson

He adds that this one-for-one business model serves several purposes.

“There’s a large part of the population that thinks cannabis users are losers, that thinks they’re stoners who sit around all day and play video games. The reality is that just not true,” said Ray, adding that combating this social stigma around cannabis is a major part of Bloom Farms’ mandate.

“This one-for-one program shows people that we are… not what your parents told you cannabis was, we’re not what society for decades told you it was; we are more than that. We are real contributors to society.”

When it comes right down to it, though, the company’s mission is all about “increasing quality of life”, according to Ray.

“Whether it’s cancer patients suffering from chemotherapy or a child who goes to bed hungry every night, if we can make a difference in that arena and improve the quality of life for people, then I will have considered this company a success.”

The PAX Era, billed on the PAX website as “a radical new approach to experience concentrates… [delivering] the most flavorful and consistently satisfying taste yet” retails at $59.99 and can be purchased at select dispensaries across California. The PAX Era extract pods are $40.

Banner image: Michael Ray, Executive Director, Bloom Farms (Photo: Evan Thompson)


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