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This Vape Is So Cool It Doesn't Have To Pay Hollywood For Product Placement

Hailed as the iPhone of vapes, the Pax 2 is the sexiest product in vaping right now: it's been featured in shows and films from Comedy Central's Broad City, to the crime drama Billions, to the Entourage movie, to the hockey comedy series Benders, to HBO's now-cancelled gay drama series Looking, to a number of music videos.

And with good reason: the built in motion-sensor, idiot-proof one-button interface, magnetic USB-charger, and multicoloured LED temperature indicator are sleek and sophisticated - a game-changer compared to the finicky, clunky vapes of the past. And according to Pax Labs CMO Richard Mumby, Pax's current prominence on the silver screen wasn't planned.

"We have an organic, enthusiastic fan base - and we're really fortunate that professional stylists, writers, set designers and others in the film and TV industry have included us in our shows and movies," says CMO Richard Mumby of Pax Labs, founded in 2007 by two Stanford Design Masters program graduates and headquartered in San Francisco.

The vape is an 'unofficial' character on Broad City

"It's not an official partnership," he says of the edgy, feminist comedy Broad City. "We love those folks and have been really flattered by being an unofficial reoccurring character in the show."

Celebrities have also proven susceptible to the charms of the Pax, showing off the vapes on social media. "We've been featured on social media channels by notable celebrities including Chelsea Handler, Adam Lambert," says Mumby.

He says they haven't courted those celebrities. They came to the product on their own.

"All of that is organic," Mumby tells Civilized. "When we look at Pax there are three things that stand out with it: the first is the underlying technology which delivers arguably the best vaping experience. The second: it's designed beautifully with a sleek profile and tactility. And third, we have a brand that consumers feel is relevant and interesting. We've developed a community of users, consumers, and fans who are really drawn to what we have."

Stay turned for more high-profile TV appearances, or (better yet) test it out for yourself: the Pax 2 retails for $279.99. Not cheap - but the quality, it seems, pays for itself.


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