Paul Simon And Stephen Colbert Skewer Trump With Updated Lyrics To 'Feelin' Groovy'

Some songs stand the test of time better than others, and artists often end up disliking their own hits once they become dated. That's the case with Paul Simon, at least, who turned down Stephen Colbert's request to play 'The 59th Street Bridge Song' (a.k.a. 'Feelin' Groovy') on The Late Show earlier this week.

"I loathe that song," said Simon in the backstage sketch on the show. "It just feels naive, you know. It just doesn't feel 2017. Wrong mood."

So Colbert tried to rekindle Simon's affection for the folksy song by updating the lyrics to skewer Trump's America:

Hello lamp post, nice to see ya.
We might get bombed by North Korea.
We’re getting close to World War III,
So run for the shelters, feelin’ groovy.

Simon responded by riffing on climate change. Then Colbert cranked up the lyrical attack in the final verse.

Kellyanne Conway makes no sense.
And even if Trump goes we're stuck with Mike Pence.
Plus he might win the big one in 2020.
Nevertheless, all is groovy.

Unfortunately, Simon won't be performing the updated song in concert anytime soon. "I hate it," he said after wrapping up the duet. But give it a listen and decide for yourself.


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