Congressional Candidate Running Against Paul Ryan Supports Marijuana Legalization

Many prospective congressional candidates are using marijuana legalization as an issue to help defeat incumbent politicians this November. And if cannabis fans have their way, one of those defeated politicians may be Paul Ryan.

Randy Bryce is an ironworker from Wisconsin who's running against Speaker of the House and one of the highest ranking Republicans Paul Ryan. Bryce has taken on a number of progressive causes to help appeal to his district's blue collar voters to overthrow Ryan. But one issue he's begun supporting is marijuana legalization.

Bryce recently tweeted about cannabis legalization, and made sure to emphasize the wrongs of the War on Drugs as a major motivation for doing so.

By the way, his Twitter handle is "@IronStache" which is totally awesome.

But does Bryce really have a chance against Ryan? The Speaker of the House has represented his current district for 10 terms and has never faced a serious challenge in any of his elections.

However, there are many signs that Ryan could be in danger. Bryce has raised over $4.5 million already for his campaign, and we're nowhere close to November. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently added this district to its "Red to Blue" list of political races they think will be competitive this November. The district also has some liberal leanings, as it voted for President Obama in 2008 and for Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin in 2012.  Also Ryan's lost a lot of respect in many people's eyes for not standing up to President Donald Trump since he took office, and many people view him as a welcome mat that Trump is able to walk all over.

So while it may be too early to tell if this election will be competitive, but it's definitely something for cannabis fans to keep an eye on.

(h/t Bloomberg)


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