Paul McCartney Paid Tribute To John Lennon At 'March For Our Lives' Event In New York

It's been over 35 years since John Lennon was fatally shot outside his apartment in New York, but the loss still pains Paul McCartney, who paid tribute to Lennon at the 'March for Our Lives' event in New York yesterday.

"One of my best friends was killed in gun violence right around here, so it's important to me," the former Beatle told CNN when asked why he chose to attend the demonstration calling for stricter gun laws across America.

McCartney wore a shirt bearing the slogan, 'We Can End Gun Violence.' However during the interview, he admitted that preventing more deaths due to gun violence might not be possible. "I don't know, but this [march] is what we can do, and I'm here to do it," he said, adding that his main goal was "just to support the people."

In other words, you may say he's a dreamer, but the's not the only one...

h/t CNN


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