Paul McCartney On Smoking Up Before Going Onstage In 2017

Paul McCartney doesn't feel like he's living up to his rock star image anymore. The former Beatle, who will be bouncing around North America for the One on One tour this summer, recently admitted that his pre-show routine isn't what you'd expect from a guy who practically invented the wake-and-bake.

"I'm very aware as I'm saying this that I should be saying, 'Yo, man. I just sit around. I play cards, drink tequila. I smoke a couple of joints and just play my guitar, man. All afternoon,'" McCartney told Rolling Stone when asked about his pre-show routine.

Nowadays, Paul and the band are more likely to hit the gym than the bong before going onstage.

"If it's a show day, we'll get up, have some breakfast, go to the gym. If we've got time, we'll go out for a bike ride, so we see a little bit of the city and stuff. Then we come back, normally try and get a massage...[T]hen after a massage, I get something to eat and then get cleaned up and head off to the show."

That's a far cry from the McCartney of old. At the height of Beatlemania in the mid 60s, he and the lads were "smoking marijuana for breakfast," according to John Lennon. And cannabis inspired some of their best songs.

So McCartney's mellowed out over the years - or he's putting us all on again. This isn't the first time that the former Beatle has been coy about cannabis. When he was busted for growing pot plants at home in 1973, he claimed that a fan sent him the seeds and he planted them without realizing what they were. And when he came out in support of marijuana legalization in 1984, he told the reporters that he didn't do any drugs - then gave the press a big wink. Check out it out in this clip.



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