Everyone knows the last days of The Beatles were excruciatingly bitter as the lovable lads from Liverpool bickered nonstop about every aspect of their music empire. Things became particularly brutal one day when Paul McCartney not only cussed out Ringo Starr but booted him from his house.

The bad scene went down back in 1970, when Paul McCartney was set to release his eponymous debut album. Only problem was, the release would conflict with plans to drop The Beatles' last album 'Let It Be.' So John and George asked Ringo to visit Paul and talk him into shelving the 'McCartney' record for a few weeks.

It didn't go over well.

"My release date was firmly fixed," McCartney recalled in a recent interview with Howard Stern. "And everyone [in the band] knew this was the release date. And then Ringo comes around and says, 'No, you won't.'"

Which definitely ruffled Paul's feathers, but his response wasn't exactly tactful either.

"Fuck off, get out of my house," McCartney recalled shouting at Ringo before showing him the door.

Luckily, the two worked things out not long after the unfortunate incident. "We got it back together after that," McCartney said with relief. "That's families for you."

McCartney also revealed who broke up The Beatles. "John," he told Stern matter-of-factly. Check out the full interview below.