Watch: Paul McCartney's Long And Sometimes Cheeky History With Cannabis

It was 50 years ago today that the Beatles last performed in their hometown of Liverpool.

John Lennon's sister marked the occasion by unveiling new statues of the fab four on Liverpool's waterfront. Being a cannabis publication we decided to "celebrate" the occasion by taking a look back at one particular Beatles' history with our favorite plant.

The Youtube channel Classic Rock Films pulled together this collection of rarely seen clips of McCartney discussing his run-ins with Britain's law enforcement. Check out the wink at 2:56 as McCartney says he'll never again use cannabis.

Of course, in a much later Rolling Stone article, the writer of so many number one singles did seem to genuinely swear off cannabis as part of embracing his role as a father - a move that might not have been necessary if lawmakers had just legalized and regulated the cannabis market in the United Kingdom.

As McCartney himself said in the following video segment: "This substance cannabis is a whole lot less harmful than rum punch, whisky, nicotine, and glue - all of which are perfectly legal."

The Beatles had a number of songs with cannabis connections.

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