Sir Patrick Stewart Will Play Poop In The Upcoming Emoji Movie

Sir Patrick Stewart will finally get his chance to play the part he's been preparing for since the 76-year-old thespian was in diapers. The classically-trained actor is set to play poop in the 'The Emoji Movie', which will be released this August.

"For me, poop has been a lifelong work in progress," Stewart told Stephen Colbert earlier this week. "When I was an infant, of course, it was more spontaneous. In my teens, it took a kind of comedic spurt. It was low farce rather than high comedy. But as I matured, so did my output."

You can hear Stewart make more poop puns and discuss his latest film - 'Logan', starring Hugh Jackman in the swan song for his portrayal of Wolverine - in this clip.



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