Leave Your Passport At Home And Globetrot With The New Google Earth VR

Keen to travel around the world but not so keen on jet lag or the cost of actually doing the trip? A new virtual reality version of Google Earth has got you covered.

Users of the newly available HTC Vive program can get comfortable on the living room couch before exploring breathtaking countrysides, big city streets and cultural landmarks around the globe – even their own backyards if they're feeling particularly lazy. 

The long awaited Google Earth VR is at least conceptually similar to the version of Street View that Google released on its Cardboard and Daydream platforms. The big difference between the two is that while Street View offers photospheres taken by 360-degree cameras, Google Earth VR allows users to effectively fly liberally around a topographical reconstruction of the world. You can even embark on guided tours of places like Manhattan or Monument Valley.

While Google Earth VR is currently Vive-exclusive, VR Apps product manager Mike Podwal said Google is “actively exploring support for other platforms.”

Check out this promotional video showing off the program’s highlights, and then get globetrotting sans passport. 

h/t The Verge.


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