A Pasadena Man Was Arrested With A Garbage Bag Full Of Cannabis He Said Was For Everyone

James Miles was arrested in Pasadena on Saturday evening when he was found with a garbage bag full of cannabis. The 64-year-old man told police that the contents weren't his - it was for everyone.

Pasadena Police received a report around 4:30 claiming that a man was walking the streets with a large plastic bag full of cannabis. How did they know there was weed in there? Because it was literally falling out of a hole and spilling on to the street.

Police found Miles with a bag containing nearly 21 pounds of what Lt. Pete Hettema described as stems and remnants of the plant, not quality marijuana, states Pasadena Star-News.

Miles told police that the bag had been left behind by someone else, and the cannabis inside was for everyone. He said people had been helping themselves to it earlier.


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