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Today's Your Chance To Have A Say On Legalization

How should marijuana be regulated in Canada? The Liberal Senate Forum in Parliament wants to know, and they want you to tell them. On the morning of Feb. 24, the senators will be holding an open discussion in the Centre Block building on Parliament Hill.

The senators have invited a panel of experts, including Bill Blair - the former Toronto police chief and current Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice. Blair will be heading up the task force overseeing legalization. And he'll be joined next Wednesday by the president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP), and policy experts from the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA).

The speakers list does not include activists or advocates for legalization, or anyone who has expertise on the role of dispensaries and licensed producers (LPs).

Perhaps those voices will come from the members of the public, who can take part in person or on social media with @LibSenate on Twitter. If you want to attend in person, contact Mike Delaney (, the legislative assistant for Senator Art Eggleton.

The event is part of the Senate Liberals' Open Caucus initiative, which opens the door to parliamentarians and members of the public in order to have a non-partisan discussion of issues facing the nation. Wednesday's chat will include topics like where marijuana should be sold as well as how we can keep cannabis out of the hands of kids, and how we can equip police with the tools to keep the roads safe from inebriated drivers.

To prep for the event, check out Bill Blair discussing legalization on CBC prior to the Liberals' win in the 2015 federal election:

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