Paris Jackson - daughter of the late King of Pop - slammed cannabis critics on Twitter yesterday after receiving backlash for a marijuana-themed tweet.

To toke or not to toke. That was the question that Jackson - joint in mouth - posed to her followers in a joke tweet. She emphasized the silliness of the question by using a filter that gave her flaming devil horns, a satanic goatee and a diabolical set of aviator sunglasses.

Some followers didn't take kindly to the joke. Jackson's feed was soon inundated with tweets criticizing her as a poor role model. But instead of backing down, Jackson used the opportunity to promote a positive image of today's cannabis consumer.

One critic wrote "what parent thinks its okay for their kid to smoke weed? Girl, you're better than this & you know it. ." So Jackson fired off this double-barrelled response:

If only the Scooby gang could unmask everyone stoking the 'reefer madness' rhetoric that flooded Jackson's feed.