Parent Cannabis Consumers VS. Parent Cannabis Non-Consumers

In a survey conducted by our partners at PSB, we questioned parents from Canada and the U.S. who both consume and don’t consume marijuana. In Canada, 59% of parent consumers think things have gotten better in the last five years, while 47% of non-consumers say the same. Of these consumers and non-consumers, the majority of both (64% and 65%) approve Prime Minister Trudeau’s performance. In the U.S., 62% of parent consumers approve Donald Trump’s performance while non-consumers approve his performance at a lower rate of 45%. Another difference between consumers and non-consumers is how they relieve stress. Parent consumers are more likely to write in a journal, drink alcohol, consume tobacco, vacation, or exercise to relieve stress.


Anyone who's heard of Christmas knows that Santa Claus gives presents to all the good little boys and girls around the world. But any naughty children will end up with a stocking full of coal. But have you ever wondered why Santa gives out coal to the bad kids?