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Meet Paqsule, The Gym Bag That Cleans Itself So You Don't Have To

Is your smelly gym bag getting in the way of every good relationship (in or out of the locker room) you never had?

Meet Paqsule, the self-cleaning gym bag that sanitizes itself and all you’ve shoved inside it whenever things start to get a little raunchy.

The bag, currently being funded on Kickstarter, uses FDA-approved, chemical-free UV-C light (sewn into the top flap) and activated oxygen (installed in the side) to kill bacteria and deodorize itself and all its contents. It also comes with a USB phone charger, a laptop compartment, reinforced foam walls and water-resistant zippers - but those are less exciting.  

The company’s Kickstarter page claims that all you have to do to disinfect sweaty gym attire is push a button on the outside of the bag (which has a 72-hour battery life) and wait while it completes the cleaning process.

Unsurprisingly, the bag comes with an app for both iOS and Android users, which can be used to control the cleaning process in real time if users can’t access the bag to push the button.

Meet Paqsule, The Gym Bag That Cleans Itself So You Don't Have To - 2

You can sign up for alerts to track the bag’s funding progress, and in the meantime, pledge a minimum of $229 to reserve yours (or wait until it’s officially released, when it’s expected to cost around $350.)

It may seem costly, but can you really put a price on not stinking up the joint?

h/t Conde Nast


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