'America's the Biggest Socialist Country in the World': Tommy Chong

Socialism is quickly becoming the most divisive word on the campaign trail ahead of the 2020 election. Some contenders for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination have embraced the s-word, but others are using socialism as a smear against their rivals. Meanwhile, political opponents like Vice President Mike Pence are rallying their base by accusing centrist candidates like former VP Joe Biden of being a socialist. 

But all of that is just a bunch of empty rhetoric according to Tommy Chong, who says that America is already a socialist state.  

"Everybody's worried about socialism. Well, America's the biggest socialist country in the world," Chong told Joe Rogan recently.

The stoner comedy star wasn't talking about the Affordable Care Act or Social Security. Chong was actually making those comments in reference to the American prison system, which he sees as a socialist institution. 

"We've got more people in jail than anywhere else in the world," Chong explained. "And what happens in jail? You're fed, you're clothed, you're told what to wear, you're told [that] you're allowed to study certain things. You're totally controlled."

That might sound terrible, but a lot of inmates use that system to their advantage, according to Chong.

"You've got free medical [in prison]," he said. "There are prisoners who would go to jail to get their open-heart surgery. Federal law mandates that if you've got something wrong with you, they have to fix it. So there are prisoners that would break the law so they could get in and get their open-heart surgery."

Chong also discussed his own experience behind bars, including why guards routinely tore the covers off magazines in hopes of preventing illicit drugs from flooding the prison. 

Check it out in the clip above.


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