Ozzy Osbourne Just Revealed His Biggest Regret As A Musician

There are probably a lot of things that rocker Ozzy Osbourne would like to go back and change about his life. After all, by his own admission, he doesn't remember an entire decade of his life.

"You know, I can't remember the fucking Nineties," he told Kory Grow of Rolling Stone recently. "I remember Waco and the Oklahoma bombing – but I can't remember the Nineties."

But his biggest regret as a musician — ironically enough — is that he never learned to play an instrument.

"That's one of my biggest regrets," he said in that same interview. "I can play a little bit of harmonica, and that's about it. But I have an ear for melody."

And preserving that innate sense of music is what prevented him from pursuing piano lessons.

"I once talked to a writer and he said, 'You can learn the piano but you most probably will lose your natural instinct for melody.' And I said, 'That's too much of a gamble.' It's been interesting, because I can't communicate on a musical level with other musicians. I just like what's in my head."

But he has picked up one hobby since dropping the hard drugs and alcohol that blotted out his memory of the 90s. When Grow asked what Ozzy does to relax nowadays, he said. "Masturbate. No, I have a room in my house where I paint. I'm just mixing colors. I'm not an artist by any sort, but I do designs and patterns and listen to eighties music or watch a bit of TV. I'm obsessed with Game of Thrones, like 90 percent of the world is."

Which makes sense since many GOT fans are also obsessed with the Ozzman.



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