Ozzy Osbourne Tours Havana's Memorial To John Lennon

Beatles fans should add Havana to their list of travel destinations. The Cuban capital is home to a special tribute to John Lennon, which Ozzy Osbourne and his son Jack recently visited for an upcoming episode of Ozzy & Jack's World Detour.

Given that Lennon - who was born 76 years ago today - was raised in Liverpool, England and spent much of his post-Beatles career in America, you might be surprised that the Vedado district of Havana has a monument in his honor. You might also be surprised that the monument is located in John Theodore Lennon Park, which is odd because the Beatle's middle name was Winston.

But even though the park got the name wrong, the statue of Lennon offers an uncanny likeness of the rocker sitting on a bench. And if you visit during the day, park security will place a facsimile of Lennon's signature spectacles on the statue for a photo.

The monument was erected to honor the Smart Beatle as a revolutionary hero. At the foot of the bench is a plaque reading, "Dirás que soy un soñador pero no soy el único." Which is a Spanish translation of the famous lyric from Lennon's solo hit Imagine: "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

Cuban President Fidel Castro considered himself one of Lennon's dreamers when he opened the park on Dec. 8, 2000 - the twentieth anniversary of Lennon's death after he was shot repeatedly outside his New York home. "I'd rather seen the real thing," an emotional Ozzy said when he visited the park. "That fucking asshole who killed him."

Jack's commentary was a bit more thoughtful.

"I think Castro probably liked the fact that Lennon pissed off the American government," he said while trying to understand why Cuba would pay tribute to him. But Ozzy didn't seem interested in discussing politics, so Jack tried to get his father to settle the age-old debate of which Beatle was the greatest.

"Were you Team John Lennon or Team Paul McCartney?"

"Both," Ozzy said.

But we beg to differ. Ozzy famously recorded a cover version of John Lennon's 1971 song How? But the Black Sabbath frontman hasn't done a version of Maybe I'm Amazed or any of McCartney's solo hits. You can check out that cover - and the trailer for the Ozzy and Jack's trip to Cuba - below.


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