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Why Ozzy Osbourne Once Got Covered In '8 Tons Of Testicles And Guts'

Heavy metal icon Ozzy Osbourne gained notoriety in his career for biting the heads off doves and bats in public, but his goriest stunt of all actually involved a malfunctioning meat catapult.

During 1981's 'Diary of a Madman' tour, the former Black Sabbath frontman tried to test the audience's puke threshold by flinging literal tons of raw meat into the crowd during a show.

"We had this sling full of offal—meat and testicles, whatever; it was shaped like a big hand," Ozzy told Rolling Stone recently. "Sharon says, 'We’ll push the thing on, flames will come out of the fingers, you press the lever and the offal will fly into the audience.'"

Or that was the plan at least. When the time came to trigger the rancid catapult, something went horribly awry. 

"I pushed it out and the hand got caught on the carpet," Ozzy explained. And that snag led to Ozzy wearing the entire bloody payload. 

"I sat there with eight tons of fucking testicles and guts on me."

Most of us would probably contract a lethal case of salmonella poisoning after getting splattered with an entire butcher shop's worth of carnage, but Ozzy lived to rock another day. And even he's surprised about that. Based on the Rolling Stone interview, Osbourne is just as baffled by his longevity as we are.

"I should have been dead fucking 10 times," he said when thinking over his many close calls over the years. "I’m not saying that to be funny. I had a quad-bike accident [in 2003]. My heart stopped twice. I’ve overdosed on drugs a few times, which I ain’t fucking proud of."

But he is proud to still be onstage with mere weeks left until his 70th birthday. The current show - No More Tours 2 - is being billed as Osbourne's last major concert series of his career. So if you haven't seen him bark at the moon in person yet, this could be your last chance. Just make sure to wear a raincoat in case he brings out that catapult again.


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