Outside Lands Music Festival To Bring Cannabis Education To Its Lineup

The San Francisco-based music festival Outside Lands is bringing a new addition to its selection of experiential attractions.

Festivalgoers have long been coupling their love of live music with cannabis, and with increasing legalization across the US, Outside Lands has decided to make that process little easier for would-be smokers. This year, the festival will be introducing 'Grass Lands,' a new experiential attraction that the festival organizers say focuses on "the celebration, education, and integration of cannabis products into daily life."

Grass Lands joins Outside Lands' host of other food, culture and lifestyle attractions, and as Billboard reports, this "will be the first time a major American music festival includes a cannabis experience."

While concert attendees won't be able to buy pot on site, Grass Lands will feature cannabis education, a showcase of developing cannabis technology and an interactive "Smell Wall," which is equal parts intriguing and terrifying since they haven't announced what exactly it is. 

But we do know the attempt to make 'Outside Lands' more cannabis-friendly is a big step for the festival industry - one that could prompt that other music festivals to evolve with the times.

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