Outside Lands is Pushing to Become the First California Festival to Allow Cannabis Sales and Consumption

The popular California music festival Outside Lands has plans to make cannabis part of its attractions.

A lot of Californians got their hopes up about the ability to legally buy and consume cannabis at 4/20 parties this year after the state passed legislation allowing cannabis to be treated like alcohol at big outdoor events. However, new event regulations weren't ready in time for 4/20 events and to date, no other events have received clearance to allow cannabis on site.

But that could change soon as Outside Lands⁠—a San Francisco-basedmusic festival⁠—hopes to become the first event in the state to get one of these cannabis event licenses. However, it isn't clear yet whether Outside Lands is looking to allow cannabis sales, consumption or both during the event.

In either case, if Outside Lands is granted a cannabis license, festivalgoers can expect all cannabis purchases and consumption to be limited to specific areas, and only accessible to those 21 or older. This is not unlike how many festivals control alcohol sales and consumption.

Additionally, people attending the festival may be limited to smoke-free cannabis consumption methods. San Francisco has strict no-smoking regulations at all city parks, including Golden Gate Park where Outside Lands is being held. While the city can choose to waive the smoking ban, it isn't clear if they will choose to do so or not.

Outside Lands has previously established itself as a marijuana-friendly event. Last year they hosted the interactive cannabis education attraction 'Grass Lands.'

h/t SF Weekly


For cannabis enthusiasts living in adult use states, long gone are the days of sneaking around with a dime bag in a coat pocket and worrying about whether the neighbors know you’ve got weed. But the sad truth is that, for millions of Americans living in prohibition or restrictive medical-only states, accessing safe and regulated cannabis is still a problem. But does that mean that those living without access to the regulated market are abstaining from cannabis altogether?

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