Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) has gone from being a longtime supporter of marijuana legalization to a spokesperson for cannabis tourism. When Tucker Carlson criticized California's economy, Lieu invited the Fox News host to Los Angeles to check out the thriving cannabis industry. 

The tiff began with a recent tweet in which Carlson said, "California is developing the economic Structure of Latin America. How long before it's Venezuela."

Lieu replied by claiming California has one of world's largest economies and a budget surplus. "Also, our cannabis is awesome. Come visit my district & I will show you," he added.

Lieu has been know for his strong marijuana advocacy in the past. In 2015 Lieu sponsored a bill that moved money from the DEA's eradication budget to programs aiding victims of child abuse, according to Marijuana Moment. And in March he led a group looking to further cut DEA cannabis eradication spending in 2019.