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Oregon Grew Over One Million Pounds of Cannabis Last Year That No One Bought

Many people have brought up the issue of overproduction in Oregon's marijuana market, but the actual statistics about how much cannabis is being grown is pretty bewildering.

According to the Willamette Week, the state of Oregon grew over 1.3 million pounds of marijuana last year that no one purchased. They note that 1.3 million pounds is approximately equivalent to 1.1 billion joints. This number is even more drastic when you realize that estimates say Oregonians consume less than 375,000 pounds of cannabis per year, with some estimates saying that number may actually be as low as 166,000 pounds. 

However, it may actually be somewhat misleading to say that all 1.3 million pounds of that marijuana is not being sold. Industry analysts say about one-third of legal marijuana grown in Oregon is being sold on the black market, which isn't surprising when you have 1.3 million pounds of it laying around. Some members of the U.S. Justice Department have even threatened a potential crackdown on Oregon's legal marijuana industry if they don't get their overproduction under control.

Perhaps these numbers will help garner support for a new bill that would allow Oregon's marijuana growers to export their cannabis to other legal states, which means they wouldn't have to sit on 1.3 million pounds (seriously, that's a lot of weed!) of unsold product. Of course, you could argue that would just lead to overproduction of cannabis in other states, but let's cross that bridge when we get there.

However, until that happens, there's really no recourse for Oregon's marijuana growers other than to just sit on all this unsold product.

(h/t Merry Jane)


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